PCL Renewal Service

What Makes Us Different Generally

The PCL Lease Renewal Service that we have developed has been created from the fact that we have acted in litigation (notably concerning procedure and validity of notices) which has enabled us to take apart this very complex area of law (bearing in mind the Master of the Rolls described the governing Act as "inept") and allowed us to create a streamlined and effective procedure that has the following benefits:

1. The procedure is usually carried out by two departments within a law firm (1) litigation (who serve the notices and deal with the First Tier Property Tribunal) and (2) conveyancing (who deal with the form of lease and complete the extension). This duplicates costs and we do not believe that dealing with one application between two departments is efficient or effective. For example the schedule to the initial notice should include variances to the lease which a litigator may not be aware of. As a result with the PCL Lease Renewal Service you deal with one fee earner which is not only more cost effective but that solicitor will be highly specialised in all matters concerning your claim whether to do with the conveyancing, potential disputes or the First Tier Property Tribunal  application.

2. Since the Lease Clinic fully understands the full procedure in its entirety and through our substantial experience, we are able to fix our prices at below those of our competitors.

3. At the core of our service is the First Tier Property Tribunal application which is included in our fixed price. Unlike most firms who see this as a last resort the Lease Clinic uses it to drive the application through. Although we are happy to work to your tempo we recommend that the application is made as soon as possible (the earliest date being 2 months from service of the counter notice) as opposed to using it as a last resort simply to protect a claim being withdrawn (6 months from service of the counter notice). Once the First Tier Property Tribunal receives the application it will produce a timetable which ensures the application is dealt with quickly and your application does not become protracted.

4.  The utilisation in our PCL Lease Renewal Service of the First Tier Property Tribunal application also keeps the Landlord in check on not just only the premium but also costs and the terms of the lease. The fixed price offered does not include attendance at a hearing. This is because hearings are required very rarely (usually if one party is acting very unreasonably). Also it is possible to avoid attendance as the First Tier Property Tribunal will consider applications by way of a paper determination i.e by way of a letter. Writing a letter is far more cost effective at £200 plus VAT as opposed to attending a hearing which can cost in the region of £1000 plus VAT. This tactic is extremely useful in terms of determining the landlord's costs.

5. The PCL Lease Renewal Service is a two part process involving a lawyer and a surveyor. The Lease Clinic therefore works closely and recommends surveyors to its clients, who are proposed not only on the basis of their expertise (which is clearly paramount) but also because they understand that all fees are to be made clear to the client from the outset and are to be reasonable.    

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"Through their Lease Clinic, Comptons have simplified the lease renewal process. Their expertise in this field is reassuring to all those involved and most definitely minimises the anxiety and delays caused by having to extend these shortening leases"