Lease Renewal Service

Why undertake the statutory procedure at all?

In our experience whilst you can attempt to agree terms with your landlord without following the statutory procedure, the landlord will usually use this to his advantage by:

(a) getting you to pay a premium at the top end of the scale (remembering valuing a lease extension is not an exact science and there is a range of premiums payable)

(b) pay a higher ground rent (under the statutory procedure no ground rent is paid - this is part of the premium you pay)

(c) varying the terms of the existing lease to their advantage (under the statutory procedure the amendments permitted are restricted).

This is unfair so our Lease Renewal Service uses the statutory procedure to its full extent to ensure you obtain a new lease for the best price and for the best terms.

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"Through their Lease Clinic, Comptons have simplified the lease renewal process. Their expertise in this field is reassuring to all those involved and most definitely minimises the anxiety and delays caused by having to extend these shortening leases"