Lease Renewal Service

Procedure & Costs

For a fixed price of £1500 plus VAT and disbursements (also discounts for group extensions offered!) we will carry out for following work (although you can ask us to carry out just Stages 1 and 2 for a fixed price of £275 plus VAT):

Stage 1

Check that you are entitled to a Lease Extension

Stage 2

Draft and serve the Initial Notice on your Landlord (and any third party to your Lease)

Stage 3

Negotiate and agree the form of the new lease, costs and any other terms of acquistion with the Landlord (other than the premium which is the remit of your surveyor should you choose to instruct them) once the Landlord's Counter Notice has been received

Stage 4 (if required - if not we go straight to Stage 5)

Apply to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to protect your claim AND/OR to ask the LVT to determine a reasonable price for the lease extension AND/OR to ask the LVT to determine the landlord's costs if they are unreasonable AND/OR to ask the LVT to determine the terms of the new lease if the landlord is being unreasonable AND/OR to expedite the process if the landlord is delaying

Stage 5

Complete the Lease Extension once all terms have been agreed and register it at the Land Registry

*Please note that in addition to your costs you will be liable for the Landlord's reasonable legal and surveying costs which (as a guide) will be roughly similar to yours. You also have to pay the premium.

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"Through their Lease Clinic, Comptons have simplified the lease renewal process. Their expertise in this field is reassuring to all those involved and most definitely minimises the anxiety and delays caused by having to extend these shortening leases"