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Strength in numbers

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Lease Clinic was primarily founded on the want to pitch our expertise in leasehold law to groups of flat owners in the hope that they work together. Why did we want to pitch to groups? In short, we have found that the old adage “strength in numbers” applies no more aptly than to leaseholders acting together within leasehold law.

Why is strength so important?

The concept of landlord and tenant is an antiquated notion that has been abandoned or absent in most other jurisdictions. Its basic premise is heavily weighted towards the landlord. Indeed the very concept that you would have to give back your flat to the landlord after your lease has expired, despite paying market value for your flat, is an absurdity. A variety of leasehold law has been passed by the government to redress the balance in our system and it does so to some extent. However, for a leaseholder to act on their own to address his/her concerns is still a daunting task both psychologically (in terms of the stress of litigation and the procedure) and financially, especially with the average landlord having deeper pockets and often being used to litigation.

Yet despite the advantage afforded to landlords we have had the privilege in acting on some remarkable cases which, due to leaseholders working together, at the very least evened the playing field and in some cases turned the tables on the landlord.

Why we offer discounts when leaseholders work together

Turning specifically to how working in a group can assist you with lease extensions, the first point to note is that strictly there is no such thing as a group application with each individual lease extension treated separately. However there is a substantial overlap in the legal documentation between each application which allows for costs savings. It is for this reason that we offer discounts to leaseholders working together.

Strength in numbers comes into play with the application to Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to determine the terms of acquisition (i.e the premium and terms of the new lease). As leaseholders in the same building you can join in together in the same application. Importantly because each side pays their own costs in relation to the application you can share the costs with your fellow leaseholders. As a result you do not feel the pressure of having to concede to the landlord's terms to avoid the cost of a hearing as would be the case if you were shouldering the cost by yourself. The concept of tenants over paying due to such pressures even has its own phrase and is known as the "delaforce effect" (stems from the case of Delaforce v. Evans, 1970).

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