Lease Renewal Service

All the information below and on how to instruct us should you wish to proceed are contained in our Lease Renewal Service Information Pack, please contact us to receive a copy.

The Lease Clinic are experts in procuring lease extensions for flat owners in England and Wales. We have a wealth of expertise in this area resulting from acting on hundreds of lease extensions since the right was first granted by the Government in 1993. We have also acted in reported cases in this area of law such as a Cornwall Crescent London Ltd v. Kensington & Chelsea Royal London Borough (2005) and 5 Felix Avenue Ltd v. Pledream Properties Ltd (2010). Through our experience we have developed a concept that ensures you obtain an extended lease for a reasonable premium and tries to save you legal and surveying costs. This concept also allows us to fix our prices so you know where you stand. Please see what makes us different for more details on what makes us special.

If you have already agreed terms with your landlord and are looking for a solicitor to assist with the Deed of Variation/Deed of Surrender & Regrant see our Lease Extension (Deed Only) service.

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"Through their Lease Clinic, Comptons have simplified the lease renewal process. Their expertise in this field is reassuring to all those involved and most definitely minimises the anxiety and delays caused by having to extend these shortening leases"